👋  I'm Christina

Mario Kart Champion.
hermit crab mom.
Toronto Raccoon Supporter.

I'm morbidly curious about what the future of technology holds and I'm always brimming with questions and ideas on how to solve complex problems that we face.

Whether it's optimizing processes, updating visual design styles, learning the latest UX software, or sketching out rectangles, I want to make sure that anything I produce delights and empowers the users I create for. You could say I'm a stickler for details.

I found my love for design when I was pursuing business school, where I realized that I wanted to be the one solving the problem instead of trying to sell a solution that didn't meet the end user's needs. Between my love for business, technology, and people, I aim to intersect these categories in a way that produces interesting conversations on how people do things and be a part of the team who spearheads those new designs.